Insulating cell shades by Las Vegas Shutter Company - Summerlin Henderson Ken GreggFrom Summerlin to Henderson, Las Vegas has been feeling the winter-like temperatures from the polar vortex blanketing the US.

It’s days like this that make us think about ways to make our homes warmer, even in the desert.  You can lose 20% or more of your home’s heat just through windows.BUT, with  cellular shades or honeycomb shades, you can preserve much of the home’s climate without losing the natural light in the room.  Cellular shades are easy to clean and maintain.  They stack almost completely so you don’t see them when they are raised. …and the main benefit is that they can more than double the energy efficiency of double pane windows that don’t have a shade.

There are many different customizations you can make for cell shades, including lift options, fabric types, colors and cell sizes.

Cellular shades with honeycombs that are less than three-eighths of an inch are classified as “small cell shades.” These are typically very flexible, and give the end user excellent insulating properties. Small cells allow window treatments to have multiple cells for added insulation.

Mid-sized cells are in the range of a half inch. Most single cell shades are usually considered mid-sized. Like the smaller honeycombs, they are still fairly flexible, however, they don’t offer as much insulation as the small cells.

Larger cell shades don’t provide the end customer as much insulation as small or medium sized shades, but larger sized honeycombs support large window treatments very well, and should be considered for large windows.

Energy efficiency is a real economic benefit and investing in cell or honeycomb shades can pay for itself quickly through increased energy savings!

Now is a great time to evaluate energy-saving options for your home in Henderson, Summerlin or anywhere in the Las Vegas area. Please contact Las Vegas Shutter Company to learn more.  Ken Gregg has been installing shades, shutters, blinds and all other kinds of home window coverings for two decades. Call Ken directly at 702.896.6900 and he will give you a free in-person consultation.

Big window openings often pose big challenges when figuring out the best way to provide flexible covering.

Conventionally, we think about the standard vertical blinds solution, but there are more creative choices available you should also consider. We review a few of them in this post.

Folding Panels and Folding Doors

Natural folding doors can give you a natural, modern look.

Woven wood or bamboo folding doors are ideal for use as room dividers and ways to address treatment for extra-large windows and sliding doors. These blinds are usually hand-made and hand-operated to insure no cords will pose any potential threats. You have choices between light and dark filtering materials. Liner attachments come in white, beige or cream. The high-quality, lightweight aluminum track folds the panels in an accordion-style.

Panel Track Shades and Sliding Panels

Similar in some ways to folding doors, panel track shades run on a track above the panels that allows them to be stacked on top of one another when opened.

A sliding panel solution is one of the most popular options for oversized windows or sliding doors. Panel track shades come in a large variety of different colors and patterns. Budget friendly options are available in light-filtering neutrals like linen. Heavier filtering options are also available that have blackout fabrics or solar shade-type fabrics with 5% openings.  For those who want as much sun as possible to filter through their windows, choose a light-filtering or solar shade fabric. Sliding panels are ideal for large windows facing the east and west during those glare-heavy sunrises and sunsets.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are the traditional option for extra large windows. Due to their popularity, you can usually match your existing window treatment design with options in synthetic wood, vinyl or fabric. Some models give the appearance of drapery while acting like a blind because their translucent fabric gives off an elegant, light look. These are perfect for sliding doors or oversized windows.

Other Options

You can also cover your oversized windows with Plantation Shutters or Standard Roller/Solar Shades, depending on how large the window or sliding door is. Plantation shutters can be built in sections, although this option could get very pricey very quickly!

In summary, you have more options than you likely have been considering.

Call Ken Gregg if you have any additional questions.  Ken can help you review all of your options and show you some samples.  He and his team have been installing shades, shutters, blinds and all other kinds of home window coverings for two decades in Henderson, Summerlin and all over the Las Vegas area. You can reach Ken directly by calling 702.896.6900 .