You Need Solar Screens. They Pay for Themselves Fast. Here Are the Facts.

You Need Solar Screens. They Pay for Themselves Fast. Here Are the Facts.

You need solar screens. They pay for themselves fast. Here are the facts.

The Problem

Windows create a pathway for solar radiation to enter the home as heat and light. This heat gain accounts for as much as a third of the cooling costs in your home, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Energy use in the home is determined, in part, by the number and orientation of the openings.

Windows and doors create a breach in an otherwise well-insulated wall.

Retrofitting an inefficient home usually requires replacing windows and doors and adding insulation to interior walls, but there are other approaches that cost less.

The Solution

Solar screens on a window offers a significant energy efficiency without major construction.

These screens block unwanted heat gain while keeping your view outside as much as possible.

Solar screens are rated according to their “openness factor,” a measure of the degree of obstruction to the view.

Solar screens are made from a variety of plastics, generally gray to black in color. They are woven into a mesh that blocks some of the sun’s radiant energy while still allowing a view outside.


Solar screens do alter the view outside, so you may want to consider installation options that allow a screen to be removable. You might consider an interior screen that operates like a roller shade, giving you the option in different seasons to either block the sun’s energy or allow it into the house to reduce heating costs, however, an interior screen only blocks radiant energy after it is in your house, so some of the absorbed heat is radiated back into the room rather than back to the outside.

Next Steps: Action Item

Call Ken Gregg if you have any additional questions about solar screens and how they can help your home and reduce your energy bills.  Ken can help you review all of your options and show you some samples.  He and his team have been installing solar screens, sun shade treatments and all other kinds of home window coverings for two decades in Henderson, Summerlin and all over the Las Vegas area. You can reach Ken directly by calling 702.896.6900 .

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