Remember Child Safety When Choosing Window Treatments

Call Ken Gregg at Las Vegas Shutter Company - 702-896-6900Almost every week, a child dies from strangulation by the cords of a window blind. Such tragedies are unnecessary and entirely avoidable.  Below we discuss some options to make sure the window treatments in your home are safe for young children.

The most popular window treatment option, in terms of child safety, would be a cordless blind.  Cordless blinds are available in honeycomb shades, pleated shades, and roller shades and offer a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns to choose from. Cordless blinds operate with a simple pull up, and pull down method, which eliminates anything hanging down that could be a choking or a strangling hazard.  Cordless blinds present a clean look and easy operation.

Another alternative is to consider shutters.  This option offers an upgraded look with no cords.

Call Ken Gregg at Las Vegas Shutter Company - 702-896-6900A final alternative is a shade with a simple cord on one side and a cord cleat that the cord can be wrapped around.  Even blinds with multiple cords can become child-safe by using cord cleats.

In summary, there are lots of different options that can fit into just about any budget.  Call Ken Gregg and invite him to stop by your home and introduce you to all the possible child-safe options available for blinds and shutters.

Ken Gregg has been installing shades, shutters, blinds and all other kinds of home window coverings for two decades in Henderson, Summerlin and all over the Las Vegas area. You can reach Ken directly by calling 702.896.6900 .Call Ken Gregg at Las Vegas Shutter Company - 702-896-6900

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